My recent work questions the true identity of our beloved human race. I use a self- referential process to channel my engagement with social, political and ecological spaces through the both exterior & interior of  human body. My prints represents the collective voice of a crowd – a crowd seeking to rise and transcend to a place or state where there is no differentiation between gender, sexuality, race, caste, creed, disability and class, where we are essentially all one and the same from within. 

The intention of my work is to raise awareness and spring consciousness in others about their own existence. It provides others with a different perspective in the concept of identity, which is not based upon mere constraints of the mind. 

I like my prints to be free and unrestricted; as such, I have attempted to break out of certain conventions of screenprinting. In the work Self Portrait the drawings are repeated through the action of screenprinting across a surface; I then incorporate pieces of tape and place them on top of the print, which covers, imposes, hides, reveals and amplifies the bodies and their presence at the same time. An additional compositional layer, created with subtle coloured dots, rests atop. In its totality, tension is created between the organically hand-drawn and the mechanically reproduced states of making and experiencing the image. 

In the portrait series, Acid attack survivor I have used acid as an agent of creation rather than a tool of destruction to bring out the beauty that is within each of those survivors, I personally interviewed in UK & India.  My recent project in progress Becoming Tree, narrates a story of a crowd which is transforming into trees, so that they are not judged by their outer appearance but are appreciated just the way they are, like trees! It is inspired by my visit to Piplantri, a village in Rajasthan. The village has a unique and progressive tradition of planting 111 trees for every female child born. 

By a process of drawing, printing and overlaying I try to transform emotions into shared stories. My works emerge from life experiences that influenced me deeply. I also enjoy a degree of ambiguity, spontaneity and intuitiveness welcoming viewers to engage with the and create meaning from within each encounters.